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Welcome to our site!

My name is Jonah Traaseth and I'm the Executive Director of Spero.


Back in 2016, Spero was founded by a group of friends and a generous donor passionate about joining the fight against human trafficking in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and ensures the communities in which we work are a part of the solution. So often in the U.S., non-profits want to tackle the world's problems with the "savior mentality". They go somewhere, create a program that they think will make a change, and build something from the ground up without the help or input of the people that are born and raised in the area. 

At Spero, we work differently. Our approach is simple: we work to connect generous people here in the U.S. to international organizations we vet and promote that are working on the issue of trafficking in their community. Our organization is not here to reinvent the wheel, but rather we exist to maximize the impact of donors generosity and give a voice here in the U.S. to small international organizations that already are making lasting, deep change, but don't have an effective way to share their story and raise funds. 

The Spero model is cost efficient, empowering to the people we aim to serve and gives donors the peace of mind that their donations are being used responsibly towards programs that are making a significant, lasting impact. Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to making an impact with your support!

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