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What are the requirements to be a Spero Partner?

  1. Spero partners must agree to financial transparency. This means they are willing to show our team their financial documents so that we can verify to the best extent possible that they are using the funds in the way they say they are and fill out our financial vetting survey. Take a look at our mandatory survey here.

  2. Spero partners must allow onsite visits annually. Every year, Spero visits each site to make sure their programming is still operating safely, responsibly, and effectively. This ensures that our funds are being used in the way we intend them to be used, and any trafficking survivors are being treated in accordance with our child and survivor protection policy. Spero is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children and vulnerable adults we work with.  We hold partner organizations accountable to this same standard. See our Child Protection Policy here

  3. Spero partners must have programming identified by Spero as sustainable and effective. 



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